Saturday, May 17, 2003

library alehouse

Ordy wanted to do Father's Office. Manfredi wanted to do Father's Office. But I had gone to Father's Office to watch the Laker game the day before. So what to do?

"How about Hal's?" I asked, hopeful. A no go.

"Lares?" I said. (I was suggesting westside locations, in an effort to win Ordy over to my choice, since it would favor him proximity-wise, forcing Matt Manfredi to go along with the choice.) Ordy said he could do Lares. Manfredi then called. "How about Father's Office?" Persistent. I put up the white flag: fine. But then I called back. I then threw out Library Alehouse. It sat in the air. Then: "I ... could do Library Alehouse."

Library Alehouse gave me the larger menu I craved -- after lunch at Houston's and dinner the night before at Father's Office, I needed to move beyond sandwiches and fries -- and it gave Manfredi the large beer selection he was jonesing for. It gave Ordy also about a ten block drive. All of our needs fulfilled!

Parking is a pain over there on Main Street in Santa Monica -- a neighborhood which, kindly, blends both permit street parking with 24 hour meters. But eventually, I found a spot, and went on in. The scene at the Alehouse always has a bit of a fratty feel to it -- not quite a South Bay vibe, but definitely lacking too much of an edge, without being a full on sports bar crowd. That said, the beer list is pretty terrific. Since I didn't want to look like a complete girlyman, instead of ordering a cider (look, I like beer, just wasn't hungering for it last night), I had an Apricot Ale. Not bad. No, I swear.

Eventually, after an entertaining "what a small town this is" situation involving the surprise presence of an ex of one of our merry crew -- which both ex and crewmember handled perfectly -- we then were seated in the back patio -- which, unlike the front area, is pleasant and fairly quiet, with dim lighting and an open-air vibe. The surprise about the Alehouse is always that the food is actually pretty good -- I had a good jambalaya, following an appetizer of a chicken quesadilla. Matt had some wuss ahi tuna thing, while Chris had a manly man steak sandwich. Many beers were enjoyed.

All this, and the Alehouse has one of my favorite Bread Puddings in the city -- though ask for it a la mode, and not its usual preparation, on a bed of whipped cream.

update: Matt reports: "It wasn't an ahi tuna. It was a turkey burger with mushrooms."

Weird looking turkey burger, then.