Thursday, June 05, 2003

good earth

Saturday, my father and I met up for brunch. My dad is a creature of habit. We've been going to the Good Earth, on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, for something like fifteen years.

But there are other reasons why walking into the Good Earth feels like walking into 1982. First of all, there's just the bizarre decor: industrial loft warehouse space, with lots of ... trees and plants. The laminated, large menu, which has tons of healthy food -- but very 70s healthy food, not like Real Food Daily, but instead a lot of sprouts and garbanzo beans. (And yet, lots of meat, too, as I had a favorite chicken and avocado sandwich.)

I know a lot of people who hate the Good Earth. In fact, one reason why my father always suggests we go there is because his girlfriend hates it, so his only chance is to go with me. I don't think it's great food.

There are good breakfasts there, and, something I like, if you get an egg dish, you can get a side of toast or... at no extra charge... a side of pancakes! Pancakes as a toast options. That's awesome.

In addition, they serve apple butter with your bread. I love apple butter!

But really, anyone who's been to the Good Earth'll tell you, the iced tea is where it's at. There's cinnamon in there, I think. And some strange... herbs. And... it's good.

Also, one time, I saw Eric Stoltz there. Thus making it feel like I had walked into an early 90s independent movie.