Friday, May 23, 2003


I don't think I could ever be Orthodox; I love swine just far too much.

Good news for me that I'm a Catholic living near West Hollywood, because the pressed pork and cheese sandwich at Cheebo on Sunset Blvd is mighty, mighty delicious.

I went there for the first time last week with Robert and Margy; I had the pressed pork sandwich, which had the texture of carnitas, shredded, pressed with onions and esamago cheese between two slices of foccacia. Delicious.

When I went this week, Rufus had the turkey burger and said it was great. I like that they serve you home-made potato chips instead of bread to nibble on, except that it then makes ordering their terrific french fries a little bit redundant, unless there's some starch diet I don't know about.

Cheebo is becoming my new favorite "nice" lunch joint. It doesn't have the crowded feeling of Ammo, but there's a slightly similar vibe. One of the things I like about Cheebo is that it surprises you: you walk in to its bright orange walls and Eurostaff, and you think, uh oh. But the servers are exceptionally friendly, and it turns out the food is friendly, too. Go.